If you're a working artist, you probably have many demos that you create during the journey to a completed song or release. You can use TuneRegistry to help organize those demo or scratch tracks. There is no limit to the number of recordings that can be associated with a song in our system. You can also upload rough mixes, remixes, and alternative versions of tracks. 

Once you complete the recording and mastering on a final track, you will want to release it through a distributor such as Symphonic Distribution, CD Baby, TuneCore, etc. You will only send the final mastered version of the track to your distributor, and will send your U.S. Recording Registrations, U.S. Release Registrations, Music Metadata Submissions, AARC Exports, and Broadcast Monitoring for those final mastered tracks as well. 

The U.S. Song Registrations do not send out recordings, so you can send those out even without any recording attached. They do have an optional field for a Primary Recording, which can be added if it already exists. 

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