The quickest way to import your existing or new works into our system for Metadata management or song registration purposes is to use our Bulk Import templates.

Template Types

There are two types of templates:

  1. Contacts - Use this template to bulk import Creators / Company contacts.

  2. Works - Use this template to bulk import your songs / works.

When adding Works to your catalog ensure that all contributors to the work have been added as a contact within your catalog. If you need to add a number of new the most efficient way to add them is via the contacts template.


You are able to reverse (undo) a bulk upload within 24 hours of your bulk upload. Reversing a bulk upload will delete all records that were created by that bulk upload. After 24 hours the undo icon will no longer be available. If you have a need to reverse a bulk upload after the 24 hour time period contact support and they will work with you to identify to best way to address the issue within our system.

Download File / Download Report

You are able to download the source file of the template after you've submitted to our system for import as well as download the result(s) report which will inform you of any issues that prevented an import or was disregarding during importation of your records.

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