U.S. Song Registrations

Registering your songs to music rights organizations in the United States

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TuneRegistry will register your song with the agencies that license performance rights and mechanical rights in the United States (Note: If a SOCAN writer is listed on a song, the U.S. Song Registration will be registered on SOCAN). These agencies will collect and distribute royalties to the Writer(s) and Publisher(s) associated with this song. Writer(s) and Publisher(s) must be a member of ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC and create accounts with Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and Music Reports Inc. (MRI) in order to receive royalty payments from the agencies.

SOCAN members can create and register songs via TuneRegistry. Currently, you'd use the same U.S. Song Registration and our system will route your registration to SOCAN when it detects that SOCAN has been selected as the PRO of at least one (1) writer on the song.


U.S. Song Registrations


  • Performance Rights & Royalties

  • Mechanical Rights & Royalties




If you initiate a U.S. Song Registration, then the registration will be delivered to the appropriate exchanges. For example, if your song only has BMI writers and publishers, it will not be delivered to ASCAP, SESAC, or SOCAN. 

Music Reports

For Music Reports (MRI) , we deliver once an ISWC has been assigned to a qualified work. If the work is not assigned an ISWC we deliver to Music Reports upon successful registration at the U.S. PRO. We obtain the ISWC either (1) immediately, if you enter an ISWC or (2) after we receive an ISWC back from one of the PRO(s). 

If this is a new registration with a PRO, we will process the acknowledgements from your PRO and ISWCs will be updated with the correct information. The registration information will then be sent to Music Reports. 

Harry Fox Agency

We deliver all eligible registrations to Harry Fox Agency (HFA) on the 1st and 15th of every month.

An eligible registration is a U.S. Song Registration that includes at least one publisher with a valid HFA Publisher Number (a "qualified publisher") inputted on the publisher's Company profile in the Contacts module prior to the initiation of the U.S. Song Registration. Furthermore, HFA will only register works for the qualified publisher's HFA Online Account with the portion of shares allocated to the associated qualified publisher and will ignore the shares allocated to unqualified publishers (unqualified publishers are publishers that do not have an HFA P#).

TuneRegistry can only register shares with the HFA database for publishers who are affiliated with the Harry Fox Agency, has added their Harry Fox Agency P# to their entity within our system and has granted us authorization to register their specified shares on their behalf.


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