TuneRegistry's Registrations module enables you to streamline the delivery of music rights registrations, metadata and audio fingerprints ("data") to a variety of exchanges within our growing network, all from one platform.

TuneRegistry delivers data in a variety of formats (e.g. XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, DDEX, proprietary formats) via a variety of conduits (e.g. email, FTP, API). Our unique and proprietary registration infrastructure is virtually humanless, automating thousands of registrations every month around the clock. 

Although we deliver registrations regularly, when your data actually becomes available in the database(s) of each exchange will differ greatly depending on the exchange. While some exchanges have a quick processing time (a few minutes to a few days), others have longer processing time (a few weeks to several months). Furthermore, these processing times can fluctuate over time.

The Status column on your Registration List page only reflects the status of the registration in relation to our delivery of the data to the exchanges and does not reflect when the data is available in the database(s) of each exchange. This is because most exchanges do not have a "feedback loop" to tell our system that the data has been processed and is now available in their database.


• Initiated- You've submitted a registration and it has now entered the TuneRegistry queue to be prepared for delivery to the exchange(s) associated with the registration.

• In Progress - The data is being prepared to be delivered or is in transit to one or more exchanges.

• Awaiting ISWC Assignment - Based on the information available to us the registration is eligible for an ISWC assignment. We're awaiting for the ISWC to be assigned to the work to complete registration and began the next registration process.

• Possible Match - The registration was accepted by the registration society, however, it will not be reflected in their public database as they believe the work registration may match a work already in their system.

• Conflict - The registration was rejected by the society as the information provided in the work registration varies from the information they already have on file for the work registration.

• Complete - The data has been delivered to all exchanges (Note: The status will remain "In Progress" until each exchange associated with the registration has received the data. So, while some may receive the data within minutes, others may receive the data within days or even weeks based on the delivery schedule they've set up with us.)

Withdrawn - The registration has been withdrawn in our system, which enables you to edit the data and re-submit the registration through our registration processes.

Time to Complete Status:

• U.S. Song Registrations ("Complete" up to 1 month): We deliver data daily to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. We deliver data weekly to Music Reports Inc. and we deliver data to Harry Fox Agency on the 15th and 30th of each month. The registration is marked complete once an ISWC has been assigned to a song or it has been determine that the song will not be assigned an ISWC, and all exchanges have received the data.

Note: If an ISWC has not been assigned, the registration will remain In Progress. An ISWC can take up to 14 days to be assigned for an accepted registration and much longer if the registration is rejected or in conflict or missing information. We will contact you if the exchange requires additional information regarding your registration.

Checking your registrations:

• ASCAP ACE Repertory (or login to your ASCAP account) https://www.ascap.com/repertory

• BMI Repertoire (or login to your BMI account) - https://repertoire.bmi.com

• SESAC Repertory (or login to your SESAC account) - https://www.sesac.com/repertory/search

• Music Reports Songdex  (or login to your Songdex account) - http://www.songdex.com

• Harry Fox Agency Songfile  (or login to your HFA Online account) - https://www.songfile.com/public-search

• U.S. Sound Recording Registrations: We deliver your U.S. Sound Recording registrations to SoundExchange immediately. It may take up to 72 hours for your U.S. Sound Recordings to associate with your Rights Owner (label) SoundExchange account, you can use SoundExchange's ISRC Search tool to confirm registration of your U.S. Sound Recording.

Checking your registrations:

• SoundExchange ISRC Search (or login to your SoundExchange Artist account) - https://isrc.soundexchange.com/#!/search

• U.S. Release Registrations - We deliver your U.S. Release registrations to SoundExchange immediately. It may take up to 72 hours for your U.S. Release registration to associate with your account. You can use SoundExchange's ISRC Search tool to confirm registration of your U.S. Release registration.

Checking your registrations:

• SoundExchange ISRC Search (or login to your SoundExchange Label account) - https://isrc.soundexchange.com/#!/search

• Music Metadata Submissions: We deliver data daily to Audible Magic and weekly to Gracenote, TiVo, MediaNet, ACRCloud, Exactuals - RAI, Quantone and Crunch Digital. The registration is marked "Complete" once the data has been delivered to all exchanges.

Checking your registrations:

•These exchanges do not have public-searchable databases, as a result you will not be able to check registrations.

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