If you already have an ISRC (International Sound Recording Code) for a Recording, then enter into the ISRC field on the Recording details page.  

Many users already have ISRCs that they either control (e.g., indie labels) or were assigned to them by their distributor (e.g., TuneCore or CD Baby).  You should always use the same ISRC for each unique Recording, so if it has already been assigned, you should use that previously assigned ISRC.

If you have a Recording that has not been assigned an ISRC from your label or distributor, you can get an ISRC from TuneRegistry. ISRCs are instantly assigned in the Registrations module. These are official ISRCs. Your ISRC can be used anywhere in the world. TuneRegistry is a certified US ISRC Manager appointed by the US ISRC Agency, which is the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). ISRCs can be purchased for $1 each on the Solo plan. ISRCs are free on the Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. 

To get an ISRC from TuneRegistry:

1.  Go to the Registration module, 

2.  Click the "Add Registration" button, 

3.  Select "Start" under the "Get an ISRC" Registration,

4.  Select the Recording you want to register,

5.  Enter the Title and Artist,

6.  Review the details, make sure that the information about your Recording is accurate, and initiate your ISRC registration.

7.  The ISRC will then automatically be added to the Recording details page for the Recording.

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