Music Reports is a global technology platform for the administration of copyright transactions that accounts and settles payments for all music rights types in multiple territories and currencies. Its assets include Songdex®, the world’s most authoritative registry of music rights and related business information with information on over 120 million sound recordings and related musical compositions, publishers, and composers. 

Music Reports currently serves as a per program license administrator for over 450 local television stations in the United States including many owned by ABC, CBS and NBC. The company undertakes music rights clearances, licensing and accounting for digital music services such as Amazon, Deezer, Flipagram, Microsoft, Pandora Music, iHeart Media, PlayNetwork, Soundtrack Your Brand, Hoopla, SiriusXM, Slacker, SoundCloud,, Tidal and MelodyVR. 

How To Join

Visit to create an online account as a publisher.

*Note - Mechanical royalties are paid out to the publisher.

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