AARC is the non-profit US royalty collective protecting the worldwide hometaping  (private copy), rental, and lending rights for featured recording artists and sound recording copyright owners (record labels).  Although a US organization, AARC represents featured artists and copyright owners residing all over the world.

AARC provides a music royalty, generated by the sales of devices and media such as blank CDs, personal audio devices, automobile systems, media centers, and satellite radio devices that have music recording capabilities, to its 500,000+ participants worldwide.

How To Join

Visit https://www.aarcroyalties.com/ to join as an artist, and your music company should join as a label.

AARC pays out private copy and record rentals royalties directly to the artist and directly to the label.

Fees: It is free to join AARC, but you must join individually as an artist and individually as a label (which AARC refers to as the  “sound recording copyright owner”).

***Note: At this time, TuneRegistry does not deliver registrations to AARC.
If you are already a member of AARC, you can export a CSV file of your catalog that has been pre-formatted for AARC and upload to AARC.

There are two different exportable files. One file is for Artists and the other file is for Sound Recording Owners (generally a record company or independent artist that owns his/her masters). If you are both the Artist and the Sound Recording Owner, then you will need to export both files. After you have downloaded the appropriate file(s), you will need to add your AARC Member ID to the appropriate column (“FAIDNum” for Artist exports and “RCIDNum” for Sound Recording Owner exports). 

Lastly, navigate to aarcroyalties.com to upload the file to AARC.

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