Audible Magic is the leader in automated identification of audio and visual content for web media platforms and social networks, pioneering the use of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) in a range of applications. Their content identification systems have been in production for years and are trusted by major customers such as Daily Motion, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo and Verizon Wireless.

Audible Magic is the de-facto standard for identification of music for compliance/rights with content registered by the major labels (UMG, Sony, Warner, EMI) and the major music aggregators/associations (Orchard, IODA, IRIS, Merlin), which manage content from thousands of independent labels and artists. Their database contains tens of millions of songs, is populated by the majors pre-release, and contains rights/business rule information including geographic rights and provides differentiation between owned and distributed content.

They have built content relationships with the major studios, including NBCU, Fox, Viacom/MTV, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and Disney/ABC. Their database contains hundreds of thousands of titles including TV and film content, much of the new content is registered with Audible Magic pre-release/pre-broadcast. 

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