2.1.3 (released 12/21/18)

  • Updated Contacts type to include Distributor
  • Expanded lyrics view so you can read all of the lyrics without scrolling
  • Updated dashboard filtering for Enterprise accounts
  • Updated Intercom integrations to give better insights to our customer support team
  • Ability to add Notes to Contacts
  • Ability to add Tags to Contacts
  • Better searching
  • Support for non-ascii characters in Catalog Export
  • Ability to edit details of a Primary Recording from a US Song Registration 
  • Export Split Sheets from Song page
  • Export Label Copy from Recording page
  • Section locking 
  • Can no longer delete a Contact after submitting it with a Registration

2.1.2 (released 10/30/18)

  • Updated recordings track list view for easier release management
  • Improved page breaks on registration .pdf views
  • Improved signup and upgrade processes
  • Overhauled user experience for advanced publishing
  • Added header navigation information to aid users when viewing nested information
  • Add highlighted fields to nested registration views to help users know what information is being sent with that registration

2.1.1 (released 10/18/18)

  • Updated Enterprise user management to show pending invites
  • Made it easier to identify the main catalog for Enterprise accounts
  • Improved plan upgrading process
  • Bug fixes on error states for registrations

2.1 (released 10/10/18) 

  • Ability to filter contacts by type
  • Better information to the user about what information is being viewed
  • Improved user management for Enterprise accounts
  • Improved tagging functionality
  • New error messaging on recording metadata to ensure clean data
  • Easier interface for adding artwork
  • Fixed typeflow bug that happened when adding a new contact

2.0 (released 10/1/18)

  • Added Enterprise Plans
  • Updated Account offerings, including annual plans
  • Overhauled the user interface for the Catalog details pages (Song, Recording, Release) to allow users to view more information at once
  • Bug fixes and data flow improvements
  • Easier visual management of recordings from songs, and tracks from recordings
  • Overhauled error messaging on Registrations to guide user through each error fix one at a time 

1.6.1 (released 9/21/18)

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved navigation between pages
  • Added Exactuals - RAI to Metadata Registrations
  • Overhaul and consolidation of code to ensure it is cleaner and will be easier to integrate with future partners
  • Bug fixes and code updates to make sure the data we send out is as clean and consistent as possible
  • Sped up data loading times

 1.6 (gradual rollout in August and September 2018 - since the pause in service)

  • Eliminate the pop-ups when editing components of a Song, Recording, or Release
  • Added navigation information to top of screen when editing data on a different level (e.g., editing a publisher’s details from a Song Details page.)
  • Removed locking of blank fields, so that registrations can be submitted in a more flexible order
  • Updated error messaging for more accuracy
  • Made it easier to delete recordings and releases
  • Changed information request on Song Details page to prevent registrations from getting unnecessarily rejected

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