• Registrations: Enhancement to HFA


  • Registrations: Enhancements to HFA to align with new registration processes

  • Validation: PRO is now required for in-module contact creations


  • Registrations: Authorization prompt implemented when valid HFA# entered

  • Registrations: Delay tasks to create HFA assets


  • Module: Email Notification of Registration Status

  • Module: Restored Add Artwork to all modules

  • Registrations: Removed SoundExchange Metadata exchange


  • Module: Enhanced Registration Status module (More Info)

  • Module: Introduced new Registration Statuses (More Info)

  • Module: Pending status display text changed to Initiated


  • Billing: Introduced Account Suspension

  • Registrations: Added Friday to weekly distribution of registrations to Music Report

  • Module: Add Ability to update unique identifier for musical works when locked


  • Billing: Balances are paid immediately upon credit card update

  • Billing: Fixed Billing & Payment History functionality in user profile

  • Module: Added Does New Contact have alias to In-Module Add Contact

  • Registrations: U.S. Song Registrations stays In Progress once process starts


  • Module: Adding New Song now opens a blank new song form

  • Module: Added Undo functionality to Bulk Import

  • System: Removed Add New Song from left hand menu

  • Validation: Removed ISRC requirement on front-end. Maintained on registrations


  • Module: Added New Recording in Song Details Pre-populates Recording Title

  • Module: Ability to scroll writer contact results within Song Details

  • Module: Restored Export Split Sheet button within Song Detail module

  • Module: Added ability to delete unregistered songs from Catalog

  • Validation: ISRC Required for Sound Recording linked to U.S. Song Registration


  • Module: Export Split sheets & CWR buttons hidden

  • Module: Locks HFA, Work ID and ISWC fields upon registration

  • Module: Registration shows recent registrations by default

  • Module: PRO is now required in order to save a writer contact

  • Validation: Enforcement of IPI for writers on song registrations


  • Module: Changed display text in Bulk Upload Module


  • Bulk: Bulk Import is now generally available

  • Bulk: Improved Bulk Import warning messages

  • Module: Bulk Import contains Bulk Import Templates

  • Module: Bulk Import gains ability to Download source file

  • Module: Bulk Import status now a CSV that can be downloaded

  • Module: Fixed Bulk Import Spinner when file is uploaded

  • Module: Delete icon grays out for contacts not eligible for deletion

  • Registration(s): Paused Xperi Metadata Deliveries


  • Module: Limited Master Recording Contact Search to Label entities only

  • Bulk: Bulk Upload module now ingests Bulk Contact / Bulk Works templates


  • Module: Removed legacy email for Xperi metadata distribution


  • System: Enhanced security of AWS S3 Storage


  • Bulk: Improvements to Bulk Work (Beta) Template. v4.5

  • Module: Change Master Owner error to be more descriptive

  • Module: Added new contributor roles to Recording Details in Sound Recording

  • Module: Recording Contributors can now be selected multiple times

  • Module: Updated tooltip for Recording Details

  • Module: Added Create New label to (P) Line in Recording Details


  • Bulk: Bulk Importer (Beta) improved ISWC error handling

  • Bulk: Bulk Importer (Beta) enhanced contact import process

  • Modules: Fixed Recording Role bug preventing SoundExchange registrations

  • Modules: Fixed In-line search issue resulting in incomplete results

  • Modules: Saves user sort selection in Catalog


  • Bulk: Bulk Contact Template (Beta) updated to v4.1 (extra space issue)

  • Bulk: Added version info to Bulk Contact Template (Beta) Instructions tab

  • Bulk: Fix bug with Publisher PRO not being imported

  • Bulk: PRO field being empty no longer voids Import

  • App: Removed Sideby Application

  • Modules: Fixed server validation error on DPID apply form

  • Modules: Add A New Alias text changed to Add A New Distribution Company

  • Modules: Add A New Alias text changed to Add a New Release Label

  • Modules: All year fields are now drop-down driven

  • Modules: In-module Add Contact Search repositioned to top of dialog


  • Modules: Introduced new Adding Contacts within Modules experience.

  • Modules: Added Contact Product Tour

  • Modules: Added Song / Work Product Tour

  • Modules: Added Recording Product Tour

  • Bulk: Added Notification of Bulk Work Beta to Bulk Import

  • Bulk: Updated Bulk Work Template (Beta) to v4.2 (songwriter role labels updated)

  • Bulk: Updated Bulk Work Importer (Beta) to v1.5

  • Validation: U.S. Recording Registrations requires primary label

x.x.x (12/24/2021)

  • Update to Bulk Work Importer (Beta)

  • Removed AARC Export

x.x.x (12/04/2021)

  • Switched Song Copyright in module to dropdown

x.x.x (11/26/2021)

  • Added ℗ symbol to Recording details module

x.x.x (11/19/2021)

  • Removed AcousticID from the Metadata Exchange Network

  • Removed AcousticID Fingerprinting

  • Fixed issue on Apply DPID form preventing submission

  • Updated email address for Rovi metadata submissions

x.x.x (11/12/2021)

  • Excluded SoundExchange from the Metadata registration process

  • U.S. Song Recording SoundExchange registration status marks Complete after delivery

x.x.x (11/5/2021)

  • Added collection of SoundExchange Registrant ID to configuration flow

  • Removed contact info requirement for self publisher songwriters

  • Restored connection to emailed metadata exchange network

  • Fixed disc number bug that prevented releases from being registered

x.x.x. (10/29/2021)

  • Fixed bug allowing registration of recordings without copyright owner/year

  • Fixed bug where withdrawing recording registrations doesn't unlock all fields

x.x.x. (10/22/2021)

  • Withdrew all previously submitted Releases & Recordings

  • Fixed display issue with Apply for DDEX Party ID form

  • Fixed issue where system crashed when writer contact saved without a PRO

  • Fixed issue where unregistered works ran via DQI process could not be deleted

x.x.x. (10/15/2021)

  • Enabled ability to navigate drop-downs by using keyboard

  • Added Add Song link within Catalog module

  • Change text color of Add Song within Catalog module

  • Added Learn More card to the MLC's DQI card in Services module

  • Added country code to validation engine for ISRCs

  • Deployed new SoundExchange Repetiore Submission feature to production

  • Introduced Primary label identifier to Master Recording Ownership

  • Introduced ability to Download DDEX messages

  • Copyright Owner is now a drop down prepopulated with label entities

  • Introduced DDEX defined music contributor roles

  • Introduced the ability to split Master Recording Ownership

x.x.x. (10/8/2021)

  • Added ability to edit / delete primary recording in the Song details module

  • Added Linkage icon to Primary Recording in Song details module

  • Positioned Primary Recording into Song Details view

  • Added lock to DPID field once its been used in a Recording / Release registration

  • Upgraded production database

  • Enabled ability for metadata registrations to proceed without an audio file

  • Added instructions text to SoundExchange configuration work-flow

  • Fixed display of TRSID & ISWC on registration confirmation page

x.x.x (catch-up 10/01/2021)

  • Introduced MLC's DQI feature to the Services section

  • Cleaned up Database of invalid values

  • Linked Song Artwork with associated Recording

  • Added PRO association to publisher search in Song Module

  • Switched default catalog view from List view to Thumbnails

  • Changed quick call/quick email text in contact module

  • Made dashboard objects clickable

  • Made Dashboard snapshots clickable

  • Limited publisher search to publishers with PROs that match the songwriter

  • Added real-time calculation to writer/publisher splits

  • Changed HFA song code text to HFA / MLC Song Code

  • Fixed ISNI validation bug not accepting checkchar

  • Fixed bug resulting in HFA song registrations not processing

  • Implemented new audio fingerprint technology

  • Updated validation to prevent non-numerical characters in IPI field

  • Updated validation to prevent non-alphanumerical values

  • Updated validation to allow BMI's 8 digit Work IDs

  • Infrastructure & code update

  • Python 3 / Django 2 Update

  • React/Redux update

  • visual regression/automation testing

  • General code clean up

  • UX update

  • Improved Elastic Search Index Latency

  • Fixed bug causing Sub-Publisher not to save

  • Fixed bug regarding Product Title hidden field not prompting for new additions

  • Removed AcousticID from registration exchanges as service is defunct

  • Removed Loudr from the Metadata Exchange network

  • Fixed bug resulting in user invites directing to sign-up page

  • Fixed Contact Name edits not reflecting in list view

  • Removed Income Participant from contributor drop-down as its an invalid type

  • Fixed bug resulting in U.S. Song Registration submission statuses not updating.

  • Updated sub-publisher tool tip

  • Fixed bug resulting in mixing year and master year not savings

  • Removed Advanced territory selection

  • Updated Logic for Music Reports, Harry Fox registrations

  • Added ability for users to delete / rescind pending user invites

  • Fixed display issue with adding user functionality

  • Fixed bug causing blank Writer Role Codes resulting in rejected registration

  • Fixed bug resulting in blank Rovi metadata transmissions

  • Fixed bug resulting in distribution company search in Release module not to work

  • Added HFA / MLC Song code & Work ID fields to Catalog & Admin

  • Restored catalog export functionality

  • Increased frequency of HFA Song registration deliveries

  • Added Services to application menu

2.1.3 (released 12/21/18)

  • Updated Contacts type to include Distributor

  • Expanded lyrics view so you can read all of the lyrics without scrolling

  • Updated dashboard filtering for Enterprise accounts

  • Updated Intercom integrations to give better insights to our customer support team

  • Ability to add Notes to Contacts

  • Ability to add Tags to Contacts

  • Better searching

  • Support for non-ascii characters in Catalog Export

  • Ability to edit details of a Primary Recording from a US Song Registration 

  • Export Split Sheets from Song page

  • Export Label Copy from Recording page

  • Section locking 

  • Can no longer delete a Contact after submitting it with a Registration

2.1.2 (released 10/30/18)

  • Updated recordings track list view for easier release management

  • Improved page breaks on registration .pdf views

  • Improved signup and upgrade processes

  • Overhauled user experience for advanced publishing

  • Added header navigation information to aid users when viewing nested information

  • Add highlighted fields to nested registration views to help users know what information is being sent with that registration

2.1.1 (released 10/18/18)

  • Updated Enterprise user management to show pending invites

  • Made it easier to identify the main catalog for Enterprise accounts

  • Improved plan upgrading process

  • Bug fixes on error states for registrations

2.1 (released 10/10/18) 

  • Ability to filter contacts by type

  • Better information to the user about what information is being viewed

  • Improved user management for Enterprise accounts

  • Improved tagging functionality

  • New error messaging on recording metadata to ensure clean data

  • Easier interface for adding artwork

  • Fixed typeflow bug that happened when adding a new contact

2.0 (released 10/1/18)

  • Added Enterprise Plans

  • Updated Account offerings, including annual plans

  • Overhauled the user interface for the Catalog details pages (Song, Recording, Release) to allow users to view more information at once

  • Bug fixes and data flow improvements

  • Easier visual management of recordings from songs, and tracks from recordings

  • Overhauled error messaging on Registrations to guide user through each error fix one at a time 

1.6.1 (released 9/21/18)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Improved navigation between pages

  • Added Exactuals - RAI to Metadata Registrations

  • Overhaul and consolidation of code to ensure it is cleaner and will be easier to integrate with future partners

  • Bug fixes and code updates to make sure the data we send out is as clean and consistent as possible

  • Sped up data loading times

 1.6 (gradual rollout in August and September 2018 - since the pause in service)

  • Eliminate the pop-ups when editing components of a Song, Recording, or Release

  • Added navigation information to top of screen when editing data on a different level (e.g., editing a publisher’s details from a Song Details page.)

  • Removed locking of blank fields, so that registrations can be submitted in a more flexible order

  • Updated error messaging for more accuracy

  • Made it easier to delete recordings and releases

  • Changed information request on Song Details page to prevent registrations from getting unnecessarily rejected

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