TuneRegistry is a catalog management, music rights registrations and metadata delivery software-as-a-service. Simply put, we are a music rights administration platform for owners and administrators of copyrights in songs (compositions) and/or recordings (masters), starting as low as $11.25 per month (see our pricing).

We enable small to medium-sized music rights-holders and DIY musicians to streamline the delivery of title registrations and metadata to the entities within our growing network. Some of these entities require you to first establish an account with them and submit your contact, tax, and banking information so that they can deliver usage and income statements to you and make direct deposits of your earned royalties into your bank account (we do not collect or pay out royalties). We break that all down in our guide here

We are not a record label nor a distributor, so we do not send your music to digital music services (e.g. Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, Tidal, Rhapsody). We are not a music publisher, so we do not pitch your songs to be placed in movies, TV shows, or commercials; police your copyrights; or get songwriting (topliner) opportunities.

In your TuneRegistry account, you organize and store all of your music information (e.g. song details, recording details, release details, ownership splits, collaborators & contacts, legal agreements & documents). TuneRegistry saves you time and headache by making it possible to deliver your registrations from your TuneRegistry catalog directly to the various exchanges that we support via our Registrations module. 

• You keep 100% of your copyrights.
• You keep 100% of your administration rights.
• You keep 100% of your royalties.

You can learn more about TuneRegistry by visiting our Help Center, watching our Tutorials, and participating in a free product demo.

Feel free to send us a message using the chat bubble in the lower right corner to ask us questions.

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