We enable users to save, print, and download a PDF version of the registration prior to submitting the final version. This is a good way to send a copy to your collaborators for final approval before submission.

Here's how it works. After you've selected your registration type, then the title of the work, you'll be given an opportunity to review the data and fix any errors and update the record by clicking on the Save button.

Then, click on the Next Step button. 

A quick view of the registration record will appear in a popup. Click on the Print button. 

The registration record will appear in a new window. Right-click on the document and select Print on your cursor menu.

Your browser's print utility will activate and display a print-ready version of the registration record (Chrome displayed below). Select destination as Save as PDF and click the Save button.

Locate the folder where you'll save the PDF and name the file and click Save.

Note: We are rolling out an Export Split Sheet and Export Label Copy feature on the Catalog very soon so that you can access it without having to go to the Registrations module for it on the registration record.

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