Welcome to TuneRegistry! 

If you're beginning your music publishing journey we recommend you read our Guide for Preparing to Use TuneRegistry. That guide will inform you of the various societies in which we facilitate registrations as well as provide you with information on how to join those organizations.

TuneRegistry enables eligible music creators and rights-holders to capture and manage music rights metadata and streamline the delivery of registrations to our network of music rights organizations.

For most DIY musicians and small to medium-sized publishers, the following list of articles and tutorial videos be enough information to get you started using TuneRegistry. For more complex splits and ownership relationships or nuanced creator issues, please explore our follow Help Center or contact a client success representative for assistance in finding resources.

Review in the following order (also see our general TuneRegistry overview video):

Step 1: Add collaborators and rights-holders to your Contacts.
    Guided Contact Tour, How To Article and Tutorial Video

Step 2: Add songs to your Catalog.
           Guided Song Tour,  How To Article and Tutorial Video

Step 3: Link recording(s) to your songs.
          Guided Song TourHow To Article and Tutorial Video

Step 4: Adding Recording Information

Guided Recording Tour

Step 5: Organize recordings into releases.
            Guided Recording Tour, How To Article and Tutorial Video

Step 6: Initiate registrations in Registrations.
            How To Article and Tutorial Video                                    

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