All recordings must be linked to a song. You begin the process of adding a new recording from the Song Details page of the song that is embodied in the recording.

Step 1: On the Song Details page, click the Add New button to the right of "Recordings" on the right sidebar.

Step 2: The new recording window will appear. Enter the title of your recording in the Recording Title field, then click the Add Recording button.

Step 3: You've now created a new recording! 

Your new recording will appear under the list of recordings on the Song Details page in the right sidebar as well as in the Recordings section of your catalog. Click on the new recording on the Song Details page or in the Recordings section of your catalog to be taken to the Recording Details page. Sound Recordings attached to a song must have an ISRC code for the Song to be submitted for registration.

Step 4: The Recording Details page has sections from track details, meta tags, track credits, production contributors, performer splits and master sound recording ownership. Add the audio file of your recording by clicking anywhere in the audio upload box.

You will be able to playback, download, or delete the audio file.

Step 5: Input the information about your recording. 

Note: The Artist Splits and Master Recording Ownership sections are primarily for SoundExchange. This information is delivered to SoundExchange when you register recordings through TuneRegistry. SoundExchange uses this information to allocate and pay out royalties earned from digital performance of sound recordings in music services such as Pandora, Music Choice, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, and over 2,500 webcasters.

Step 6: Click the Save button in the top right area of the page when finished.

You can add multiple recordings to one song. For example, a studio version, live version, dance version, remix, etc. To add additional recording versions, complete Steps 1 through 7 again with a new recording.

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