You can easily organize your recordings into releases (e.g. Single, EP, LP/Album, Soundtrack, Compilation, Mixtape) and input the related release information and metadata. 

Similar to how recordings are added from Song Detail pages, releases are started from Recording Detail pages. 

By now, you may have guessed that your catalog is structured with the following relationship workflow: Songs > Recordings > Releases.

Step 1: On the Recording Details page, in the Associated Release section, use the search box to find your release or click the Add New Release button to create a new one.

Step 2: If you're adding a new release, the Add New Release pop-up will appear. Enter the release title and click the "Add New Release" button.

Step 3: Your new release will appear under the Associated Releases section, but click save before moving forward. 

Step 4: Click the pencil icon to the far left of the release title to edit the Release Details.

Step 5: Now you can add additional information to the release including Artwork in the upper left corner, Release Details, Release Artists, Release Label, and Distribution Company

Step 6: Click the Save button in the upper right corner when finished.

Step 7:
You can easily add recordings to multiple releases either from the Recording Details page or from the Release Details page. For example, if the recording is released as a single in April and then later released on an album in June, you can associate a recording to these two distinct releases. To add additional releases, repeat from Step 1 to add new releases on the Recording Details page or use the recordings search box on the Release Details page to find and add recordings to the release (pictured below).

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