About SoundExchange

SoundExchange is a non-profit collective rights management organization. The organization collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of more than 155,000 recording artists and master rights owners accounts and administers direct agreements on behalf of rights owners and licensees.

DDEX Feed Configuration

The primary label specified within the Recording details module is the label which will need to have a fully configured DDEX Feed configured to submit U.S. Sound Recording and Release registration from within the TuneRegistry system to Sound Exchange.

When the identified Primary Label doesn't have a DPID set within their contacts at the point of registration within our system you will be present with our wizard which begins by asking if the primary label is affialted with SoundExchange. If the answered Yes, you will be asked if the Primary Label has a DPID.

If the Primary Label doesn't have a DPID you will answer no and will be presented with a form within TuneRegistry which will capture all the details necessary for us to apply for a DPID on behalf of the Primary Label entity and will send that information to Customer Support who will contact you with further instructions.

If the Primary Label does have a DPID you will be provided with a form to furnish the DPID for the Primary Label as well as the SoundExchange Registrant ID and that information will be sent to Customer Support to complete the DDEX feed configuration process.

Registering Sound Recordings Once DDEX Feed is Active

Once you receive notification that the DDEX Feed for your label entity is active, going forward when that specific label entity is specified as the Primary Label for a Sound Recording within our system the registration process will began.

Sound Recording registrations to SoundExchange via the DDEX feed are submitted immediately and associated with the Rightsholder's SoundExchange account. When the Rightsholder is the label rather than the performer, the performer will need to log into their SoundExchange account and utilize SoundExchange's Search & Claim tool to associate the SoundRecording with their account.

Registering Performer Shares

SoundExchange only accepts registration of the Sound Recording and the Master Owner shares via this automated process. Performer and their shares will need to be registered separately via the SoundExchange portal.

Performer are unable to register their shares until the Master Sound Recording has been registered by the Master Sound Recording Owner.

DDEX Feed Setup Process / Time Frame

In order to enable direct submissions to SoundExchange from the TuneRegistry system we have to setup lines of communication between us and SoundExchange. Within 24 hours after receiving your information we will make contact with SoundExchange, however, SoundExchange does ask to allow 2-4 weeks for those lines of communication to be setup.

Each label entity in which you would like to submit SoundExchange repertoire on behalf of within your TuneRegistry account will need be configured individually following the process outlined within this article.

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