What is The MLC?

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (“The MLC”) is a U.S. nonprofit collective management organization that was created by the Music Modernization Act (MMA) to administer a new blanket license covering mechanical rights for limited/tethered and permanent download and interactive digital audio services operating in the U.S.

Can I use TuneRegistry to register works with The MLC?

We do not directly register works with The MLC, however, if you've added your Harry Fox Agency account number for your publishing entity within our system your musical work data may be shared with The MLC by The Harry Fox Agency.

We recommend if you are eligible, that you also sign-up directly with The MLC by doing so you will have direct access to The MLC portal providing you with the ability to see all your registered works, make corrections/changes as well as gain access to tools that The MLC offers to their registered members.

What Does The MLC Do?

The MLC receives and matches sound recording usage data from digital audio services (i.e. Apple Music, Spotify etc) and matches the usage to the musical works (“composition”) ownership data that rightsholders have submitted and registered with The MLC. As a result of this matching process The MLC collects and distributes U.S. Digital Audio Mechanical royalties to independent (“self-administered”) songwriters, music publishers, foreign CMOs and lyrics.

What Doesn’t The MLC Do?

The MLC does not administer performance rights for musical works or collective performance royalties (i.e. BMI, ASCAP). The MLC does not administer digital performance rights for sound recording or collect digital performance royalties for the Sound Recording (i.e. SoundExchange). The MLC does not administer mechanical rights or collect mechanical royalties for physical products. The MLC does not administer any licenses or collect any royalties related to the use of musical works in audiovisual products (i.e. sync rights). Nor does The MLC administer licenses or collect royalties for the use of musical works outside of the United States.

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