The Master Recording Owner(s) of the Sound Recording determines on behalf of what label entity our system will relay the Sound Recording registration to SoundExchange on behalf of.

Within our system only entities which have been identified as Label entities can be specified. If you are an Artist who owns their Master(s), within our system you will need to create a Label entity with your legal name. In order to register your Sound Recording you must specify a Master Recording owner and identify one of the owners as the Primary Label.

Split Master Recording Ownership

Within our system you are able to split Sound Recording Master Ownership. You can do so by selecting more than one Label entity and indicate their share of ownership of the Master Recording.

Primary Label

You will need to identify which of the label entities' is considered the Primary Label. The Primary Label will have the authority to register the Master Recording with SoundExchange.

Share of Ownership

When a Master Owner(s) has been specified the share of ownership must be greater than 0 but can be less than 100%.

Collection Begin Date | Collection End Dates

If the Master Owner(s) rights in the recording starts from the point of creation and ends in perpetuity leave the Collect Begin and End Dates blank. If rights in the Master Ownership of the Sound Recording are covered by specific dates (i.e. terms) you will need to specify the start and end dates of those rights for each label entity which have rights that start / end upon specific periods of time.

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