TuneRegistry is a subscription music rights administration platform empowering independent rightsholders, songwriters, producers, artists to manage their music publishing and U.S. Sound Recording (neighboring rights) within the U.S.

Type of Subscriptions

We offer two types of subscription plans:

  • Monthly - A monthly fee and charged automatically each month.

  • Yearly / Annually - Subscription paid in advanced for a period of 12 months.

Updating Credit Card

In the Profile of your primary TuneRegistry account under Billing Information you are able to updated the credit card upon which our services and subscription will be charged.

Balance Due

In the instance where your account has a balance which has yet to be paid, when you're updating your credit card you will be made aware of the balance and notified that upon updating the credit card the balance due will be collected and your credit card information will be updated.

Billing and Payment History

Within your TuneRegistry primary account profile by clicking Billing and Payment History you can see your TuneRegistry billing and payment history.

Account Suspension

When your account is suspended you will not be able to create new assets or perform registrations. The Start and Creation buttons within your account will be grayed out and if you hover your mouse over these buttons you will be informed that your account is suspended. You will still maintain access to all pre-existing data and assets you've added to your TuneRegistry Account.

To reactivate your TuneRegistry account go to the profile of the main user account and change update the credit card information, if necessary, and click Save & Pay and the system will immediately process any balance due and reactivate your account.

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