Songs make up the core of the catalog. Because recordings are linked to songs and cover songs, songs must be created before any other record in the catalog. Song Title is the only field required to create a song in your catalog. After saving the new Song you can begin to add additional details such as publishing splits.

Step 1: Click the Add Song button located near the top right corner of the Catalog module.

Step 2: Enter the title of your song in the Song Title field. You can begin filling out some of the song information, however, you will need to save the new song in order to add the publishing splits.

Step 3: Once you Save the New Song the complete Song Details page will render where you can upload song artwork, complete your song details, input lyrics, add writers, publishers, and ownership splits. You will also be able to add create your Recording asset that's associated with the Song.

Step 4: Click the Save button at the top of the window when finish entering song details and you're ready to submit song for society registration.

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