Each Song that you create counts against your plan’s limits. For example, if you have the free Catalog plan, you can create up to 100 Songs. Once a Song has been created, it cannot be deleted. You can, however, change the song by changing the details on the Song Details page. If you need to delete a song and it has not been sent for registration contact support and we will be happy to delete the song for you. A Song, Release or Recording which has went through a registration of anytime cannot be deleted.

Delete Songs / Recordings / Releases

If you need to delete an unregistered Song, Recording or Release you can do so by switching your Catalog view to list view and pressing the deletion button on the desired Song, Recording or Release.

Increase Song Allotment

If you need a higher Song allotment, you can upgrade your plan here: https://app.tuneregistry.com/upgrade

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